ISELA  AGUIRRE : Paintings . Drawings . Mixed Media

I create mixed media assemblage paintings. They are materialized by combining studio ephemera, photographs of nature, textiles, gel transfers, and acrylic paint. I work in an intuitive and reflective way. I think of my assemblage paintings as celebratory bursts of harmonious visual surprise. I approach every painting with a playful and adventurous attitude. This mindset gives me the ability to create in a fluid, unexpected, and dynamic way.

The photographs that I take of plants and flowers are usually the starting point of many of my paintings. I reference nature heavily because it is in a constant state of transformation and it represents the constant state of change in my life. I also use mixed media as a way to represent change and transformation. My paintings serve as a visual representation of the day to day struggles and joy I experience. I think of my constructions as visual poems that represent what I am reflecting on at certain points in my life.